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titleTwo Views Kids presents a unique style of illustrated story. We blend two-dimensional with three-dimensional, use photography, printed backdrops, paper cutouts, and real objects to create our distinctive look and feel.

Two Views Kids originally designed Mattie and Rabbit specifically for ebooks but softcover versions of Mattie and Rabbit can be found on Amazon.

Simple philosophical concepts promote balanced, open-mindedness, and critical thought. Stories are often taken from real-life situations and center on ethics, conflict resolution, making choices, living well, forgiveness, and the logic of kindness.

cover'Mattie and Rabbit' shows us that life can be tough whether you're a rabbit or a human being. Good times come and good times go.

Mattie is a gardener. One autumn, she plants crocuses that will come up in spring. Rabbit, starving after a long winter running from Fox and subsisting on pine needles and tree bark, finds the first tender green shoots and eats them. Rabbit sees the flowers as delicious and life-saving. Mattie has waited all winter for her beautiful crocuses and is so disappointed and angry at Rabbit she doesn't know what to do.

In life, everything changes. It is a series of successes and setbacks. Like a true philosopher, Mattie manages her disappointment by coming up with a creative solution that serves the common good.

Mattie and Rabbit is an interactive book designed for epub readers, like the ipad. Download Mattie and Rabbit epub via PayPal for $3.99. Memory games, drawing game, narration, and interactive pages are included. Click on PayPal below. Choose a download location on your computer that makes it easy to find your file.


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