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The Real Me (in production)

Two kids meet on the beach. One kid says Hi, I'm Sam. Who are you? This launches the second kid into a long tirade about who he is. With wild gestures and lots of humor, we are shown the possibilities of 'me'. This book makes a subtle comment on gender in a fun way.

Who am I? The real me? A me that’s real? A natural me?
Without a mask? Without disguise?
A me that’s true? A me that lies?

With crazy costume changes and interactions, we finally find out what it means to be 'me'.

A devilish me, a clownish me, a crazy up-side-down-ish me.

And we ask the question,

Who do you see when you see me?

A fearsome pirate? A brave explorer?
A little bit richer. A little bit poorer.

A heart to dream? A dream to fly?
A big mistake?
Which of these am I?

Full color, 2D, and 3D mixed-media illustrations bring the book to life. This is a hilarious exploration into all the people we can be and the ultimate sense of self.



Enough is Enough (working title)

Based on the philosophy of moderation, this book follows the adventures of a greedy dog who just can't get enough and ultimately learns that less is more.


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