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joanne smilingArt director, writer.  Joanne was bitten by the philosophy bug early in life. Always curious about what she called the “the big why in the sky questions” she changed her major from English to Philosophy and soon began to rely on what she was learning to make sense of an often incomprehensible world.

Her philosophy degree includes the philosophy of love, the nature of reality, how social systems work, experiments in government or how to live together, ethics, stoicism, skepticism, altruism, and the Tao. Philosophy asks questions and seeks to achieve the common good. Then it asks, what is the common good, and can it be achieved? Nobody has the answers but trying to find out is what makes us human.


phil copy Photographer, Visionary Nobody knows what Phil Doyle actually looks like but he looked something like this in 6th grade. Camera shy himself, Phil loves nothing better than taking pictures and can be found wandering wildlife sanctuaries, folk festivals and community events, capturing micro-second moments. Always coming up with great ideas, Phil is instrumental in the success of Two Views Kids. Although sometimes a control freak we put up with him because he also is one of the nicest people we know. That combined with keen problem-solving skills makes him a vital member of the team. Phil likes birds to the point of being annoying. He is obsessed with chimney swifts and many unremarkable little brown birds that all look the same but seem to have some exceptional differences that he finds endlessly exciting . Phil is a creature of habit and like all creatures of habit he refuses to dance or eat cooked vegetables.

chris roynarrator and social justice maniac.  A graduate of UMASS Amherst with a BSC in Horticulture, Chris knows a lot about growing things. Even though he currently works with plants, he has tried everything from personal trainer/therapist to bartender/therapist, from pizza delivery man to doorman.  In addition to voice acting, Christopher's many other skills include McGiver-ing anything broken, doing mediocre impressions of people, especially his mother which she thinks is hilarious and laughs until her cheeks hurt, annoying people with pictures of his adorably cute cat, stirring up contraversy by fearlessly engaging in debate on any topic even those everyone else is afraid of, and voraciously consuming podcasts on almost any subject. With wit and humor, Chris narrates the digital version of Mattie and Rabbit so your young readers can follow along or just listen.